Friday, April 25, 2008


So, after a little spousal coaxing :), I'm posting my first message on our little blog here. And what better way to start out my blogging career than to post about what I'm most exited about right now! Thats right, if the picture and title don't give it away, Taryn and I are planning to go on a cruise for our summer celebration getaway! We figure that it would be good to get a little vacation in while its still just the two of us (and no, that is in no way a hint to an approximation of an addition to our family:) We have already visited the Caribbean for our honeymoon last year, so we are going to try the Mexican Riviera this time. We'll be road tripping down to San Diego on may 11th and sailing out on the 12th. Very exciting. So, this is just a little announcement of our summer plans, the pics and stories are sure to follow!


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You have been bittin by the cruise bug! They always say once you go you can't stop - guess we need to give it a try! Have fun! Can't wait for the pictures and stories!

carolineasay said...

NICE!! When we decide to finally go on a cruise we'll know exactly who to go to for tips! We were supposed to try and plan one for our 10th anniversary which is in Dec, but baby is due Dec 1st. Maybe 15th anniversary.