Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Essential Swimwear

Hi! I just wanted to let everybody know that my good friend Brittney started a swimsuit line called Essential Swimwear! (Hopefully its okay that I'm advertising on my blog :) The suits are super cute AND very inexpensive. FINALLY cute suits at good prices! Check it out


Ben and Megan said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that if you go camping before we move (june 21st) you can borrow stuff! Are you gonna be at girls day this month, or are you gonna be on your cruise?

Ben and Megan said...

We're moving for good! I haven't even gotten to share that news with everyone yet. Ben got a job just over the border in Connecticut!

Unknown said...

Hello -- I'm a writer for BYU Magazine and am looking for a mom blogger to interview for an upcoming article. The article is about how blogging helps new moms adjust to parenthood. If you went to BYU at any point and found blogging helpful to you as a new mom, please contact me asap (short deadline). Thank you!

Sue Bergin