Saturday, April 26, 2008

We love carnivals!

Yesterday I got to leave work early, and we went and played tennis...and I actually didn't do so bad this time! Plus we were stylin' in our tennis gear :) We had some sweet moves. I especially
like how awkward this pic looks.

By the end of our match Brady was feelin pretty good....

Brady asked me on a date, but he said it was a suprise! When we pulled up to a little carnival in Provo I was so excited! I have always wanted to go to those little seasonal carnivals. There's something about the lights and the games that makes me so happy :) Or it could be the greasy food and the funny things the crazy ride workers have to say. I don't know, but I was happy! What a good suprise!Just before we went in to party

I love ferris wheels :)

Can you find Brady? Can you find the crazy ride worker's leg? We were taking this pic when out of nowhere a creepy low voice says "Are you clowning around?" Apparently the worker was spying on us through that little crack. We showed him the pic and he absolutely genuinely loved it so much that asked us to email it to him...

It got a little chilly hence the old lady shawl.

Funnel Cake! Yummy

The view from the tippy top of the ferris wheel

My face in this picture is thinking "Ferris Wheels are a lot scarier than I remember." Then thinking "or maybe its just because I know this ferris wheel was folded up and packed into a small bag and will return to that small bag and be carted away to another state when we're gone." But I quickly pushed those thoughts away and enjoyed the amazing view!


Willits said...

That looked like a fun day!!! did you get my message? call me back!

Anonymous said...

I love the "many faces" of Taryn and Brady!
What a fun surprise the carnival was! Your "deep thought" statement was right on! So your right, don't think too deep and enjoy the view! (unless instead of a deep thought it's more of an internal warning - then run away!)

Staci said...

Hi Guys!! I saw you on Lea's blog and thought I would share a "thought". Leia said she saw you guys at the wedding.. how fun! Hope you guys are doing well and I love all the pics.. you guys are having wayyyy tooo much fun:)

cat.janer said...

I tried so hard to find the crazy workers leg but I failed! Don't try to not add me on your page.