Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Allergic to the "real world"

So apparently we are allergic to the "real world". Our cruise was so much fun (we'll post pics later) and we seriously didn't think about work or any other obligations AT ALL. It was awesome to be able to forget everything and just relax on the beach (or boat)! However, the second we stepped off the cruise ship and started our journey home we both started getting a little bit of a sore throat. As we drove closer and closer to reality and the painful thoughts of grading papers, making phone calls, attending meetings, paying bills, doing research, etc. came back to our minds, our sore throats became much more than just a little itch in the back of our mouth. By the time we got home that night and into our own bed, we had aches and pains all over, and were congested to the disgusting max. We didn't sleep more than 4 hours that night, and needless to say, we weren't happy to be back. We diagnosed ourselves as being allergic to the "real world", the proof being that the severity of our symptoms coincided with the severity of our thoughts of work and responsibility (not to mention we literally got sicker as we got closer to home). Obviously the only remedy to our "allergy" is to live the rest of our lives on a cruise ship. After 2 tons of snotty toilet paper, 2 and half bottles of DayQuil, and 1 pound of cough drops we've accepted our fate is not to spend the rest of our days on a ship, and we are slowly recovering as we dive back into the "real world". 


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!! Poor babies! It is tough to to step back into reality, and when you do, it hits you like a ton of bricks! Sorry to hear you are really sick and hope you'll get better fast because I'm dyeing to see pictures (HA)!!

Willits said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. at least you were fine ON the trip. I was sick like that a few weeks ago and it was horrible. hope you get better!
taryn, i have your swimsuit! when you guys feel a little better, you need to come swim. i think our pool's open now!

Saric said...

At least your cruise was fun and healthy. Somehow it doesn't seem as bad to be sick when your doing something that already kinda stinks. Healthy fun is so much more fun than sick fun. Healthy junk is still junk, feel me. It's like we say at work about houses, you paint a turd blue and all you have is a blue turd, not a nicer turd.

Leandra said...

ha ha that is hilarious and sucky. It's so great how easy it is to forget your whole life when you go on vaca, then you get back and...crap. I totally feel for you. Hope you are better!

carolineasay said...

Stinky real world allergies, man I hate those! But really I hope you get better soon :(
Can't wait to see your vacation pics! Maybe reminiscing would help ease the aches at least.

Willits said...

Where are those cruise pics? I'm waiting!