Thursday, May 22, 2008

A taste of the cruise....

This is just a taste test of our cruise pics! I made this little photo album and I couldn't fit nearly all my pics in it. It wasn't until after I was done that I figured out how to make an actual slide show, so the real slide show will come later.

Click to play Our Cruise
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I ended up having so much fun making that one that I made another one for fun:

Click to play Friends we made
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Saric said...

Finally!! Thanks for the pics! Those of us who don't get to vacation this year are living vicariously through you. Eric and I couldn't wait to see how much fun our vaction was!

PS Eric thinks the mystery animal looks like Alf.

Anonymous said...

Yea!! So fun to see you guys having fun! For some reason I was only able to open the first set of pictures, but I loved them! Thanks for sharing!

Willits said...

Oh! That looked so fun. looks like me and brad will be planning a getaway on a cruise.
brady, it's a good thing you got some practice on the towel baby before having your own kids! that could have been a disaster!

Ben and Megan said...

That looks so fun! Between yours and Angie's pics, I'm totally in the mood for a tropical get-away... hopefully Rhode Island will do.. lol

carolineasay said...

Great pictures, you guys are so fun! Makes me want to be there right now! Taryn you need to teach me how to that photo album, you did a really cute job. I think mystery towel babe thing looked like a pig!

Brady and Taryn said...

Thanks Caroline! Its really easy to make those photo albums. Just go to and I think you may have to download the program, but then you add your pics and your done! All the cute scrapboking stuff is already done for you!