Monday, May 26, 2008

Everything is better in French. We miss our Jeffy!

This post is dedicated to my little brosef Jeff, who is in Switzerland speaking French as we speak! We have so much fun reading his emails about his fun adventures and awesome experiences, that we forget to actually write to him to tell him that we are thinking about him and miss him! Don’t worry, I know he will never see this so I finally wrote to him last week.

We really do think about him a lot though, and we want to dedicate this classic Flight of the Conchords video in his memory, because, apparently everything is cooler in French :)

If you can watch this with someone who actually knows French (maybe you can catch a little Mom!) and can translate, its even funnier, but we thought it was great either way. Plus its awesome when it gets stuck in your head and your singing French to you're husband here and there. And I can't wait to see if Jeff can talk with that sweet accent by the time he gets home.


carolineasay said...

That was hilarious and catchy! I finally got to hear thanks to Brett fixing our speakers!yay! I'd like to hear Jeff sing that when he gets home.

Anonymous said...

very sweet "ode" to Jeff! I love seeing him on your blog - it makes it seem like he's closer to us! I know he'll be excited to hear from you! Love the song - I understood a lot because they were really just saying a lot of the basics that everyone knows! My girlfriend and I used to do that when we were walking on the street in Canada and pretending that we were from France! They got caught! (the guy in the youtube).