Thursday, May 28, 2009

art, backaches, and more food

Thursday we went to the Dallas Museum of Art. I was having a difficult time because my side and back were really hurting *explanation at the end. That's why I'm walking like that:

Don't you love this! I wish I could have it in my imaginary living room. I think the colors are great.

The pic below is the interactive part of the museum. Each of the squares was made of something different and had different textures. People were supposed to feel them and then you could write a 'post it' about it and stick it on the wall next to it. They also had an area where you could create and display your own art.

This was not the interactive part of the museum, but as you may have noticed we made pretty much the whole museum interactive.

We watched the jazz band from the balcony.

And here I am looking like a chubette. Thanks B. I had to take lots of breaks because of my backache, which was really too bad because I really loved the museum and wished I could have stayed longer.

After resting for awhile, we went out to the harbor for yummy food and more live music!

Of course we had to stop at Culver's for the best custard ever! I know its known for its butter burgers, but the bananas foster custard is to die for. (haven't ever actually had the burgers) I know what you're thinking, cheesecake here custard there. Don't worry, there is plenty more where all of that came from. Good thing I'm pregnant.

*The back ache turned out to be my kidney. Little miss doesn't have much room in there and is squishing various things and making my right kidney swollen. There is no infection or any problems. Unfortunately there is also no way to fix it. But at least now that I know what it is I don't have to worry! This day was probably the worst it ever was. The pain is not that bad and comes and goes.


ryan and danielle said...

how fun! i love the harbour! it's so much fun!! sorry to hear about your squished kidney too! your just so tiny tare. :) but at least the little one is ok!

Anonymous said...

More fun in Texas! I loved the museum and was really sad you didn't get to come in the American exhibit with me - I know you would have loved the glass and furniture and paintings!
I'm so glad to hear there is a reason for the ache - I'm sorry there is no way to fix it! Sweet little Livy is just squishing in there the best she can! Maybe someday she'll move to a more comfortable position?!

taryn said...

Mom- she already shifts her weight because there are now times when I am completely fine, but sometimes (like when I stand for a long time) she gets back into that sweet spot. Either i've just gotten used to it or its just easier to bear now that I know what it is, cause i'm not that miserable about it. I just wish it didn't have to be the worst while I was out there! And yes, cross your fingers that she will leave that spot completely. Its possible!

Saric said...

What a bummer! Hopefully it will keep getting better. It looks like you managed to have fun at the museum anyway, and the Harbor looks so cool!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Looks like such a fun day! Sorry about your sore kidney...that's crazy! I've never even heard of that!! Just proves that pregnancy ain't for wimps ;)

Carrie said...

ugh! that kidney thing doesn't sound fun. too bad you weren't able to take full advantage of the museum. it looked pretty cool. one of the many sacrifices of a mother, i guess.

i love the harbour! and i've never been to culliver's. i'll have to do that next time.

cute cardigan! where's it from? i kinda want one. : )

Anonymous said...

I hate backaches. I'm sorry yours was a swollen kidney, that sounds awful! Clarkie was sitting on my sciatic nerve from like 16-22 weeks, and even though he was still so tiny then, he cause a lot of pain. I had to limp around half the time! But it got better, and I'm glad to hear that you and Olivia are doing well. Miss you babe!

Jenni said...

you're having a baby! that's so exciting! i saw your mom when we were in texas a few weeks ago and she was so happy you were expecting.. it was so cute! hope you are doing great!

p.s. i'm pretty pissed i didn't know there was a culvers in dallas.. next time..

Kristi said...

Culver's = yummy! And I love the Harbour too! I loved your museum pics, those were pretty clever!