Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday tea

My sisters and I went to a little "miss and me" tea at Macey's. It was just fun to be together :)

While we were at the tea, Dad and Brady babysat the kiddies! This picture perfectly shows how fun my dad is with his grandkids. It made me laugh to see it, and I know the kids just love when he plays with them. I can't wait for my little girl to get to have him as a grampy!

Cute little yawner


kjirsten said...

How fun to have tea with sister! Love the pictures of the cuties with Grampy! You are definately right . . . we sure have some lucky kiddos to have Mom and Dad (Grammy and Grampy) as grandparents!

Carrie said...

i love that yawning picture of addie waddie.

Saric said...

Thanks for inviting us to that tea. It was really fun! And thanks Brady (and Grampy) for babysitting.