Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunday Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful! It started with my husband suprising me with a gift: a sewing machine! Now I can actually get started on my projects for the nursery.

Then we went to Music and the Spoken word in the tabernacle. It was so beautiful and the perfect way to begin a special day.

My little girl was moving around during "in my mother's eyes". I think it was her present to me :) And it really made me think about being a mother and all that it entails. I got a little overwhelmed for a second, but then realized that I have sooo many amazing examples of motherhood in my life, and I all the sudden felt so privileged to be able to hold the title of 'mother' soon!

We had brunch with family at the Grand America hotel. It was beautiful and delicious! So fun to be with family!

That night we had a family FHE at the barn. After a little talent show and mother's day thought, each person gave a flower to my grandma and a chocolate kiss to my grandpa and told them how much we love them.

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Carrie said...

Mmmm! i want to go back and eat more of that FOOD!! speaking of food. . . melting pot anyone? let's talk when you get back.

AND, if we get tickets to colsie's dance recital, would you want us to pick a couple up for you guys too? they're $7 i think. i don't know if we WILL be getting them anytime soon, but IF?

Kris and Megan Wright said...

ah that's so sweet about your baby girl moving around during that song! i was such an emotional wreck during pregnancy, I probably would have teared up! haha you guys are going to be the cutest, best parents!!! have tons of fun in TX with the fam too :)

Saric said...

That family home evening looks like it was fun. I wish we could have been there.