Sunday, June 7, 2009


Monday morning we made a trip to Austin to see Mike and Caroline and family! On the way we stopped at the Czech bakery and had some yummy kolachees (sp).

We met up with Mike and Caroline in Round Rock at Rudy's and had some good Texas bar-b-que. We went back to their house to drop off our bags and then went out again to downtown Austin.

While we were driving and enjoying how pretty Austin is, we saw a snow cone stand and decided to stop. It ended up being the best snow cones I've ever had. They had the most finely shaved ice, best flavors, and even added cream to the mix. They were so yummy!

Then we walked around SoCo and I loved going in thrift store after thrift store.

There was even a huge antique store where I found some adorable vintage books for my baby, Olivia.

We went in this famous costume shop

and this old candy shop (obviously we can't pass up a good old fashioned candy shop)

Then we met back up with Mike and Caroline to eat at Chuy's!

After dinner we went to watch the bats fly out from under the bridge.

Lots of people were there waiting

and waiting

and then all of the sudden a million bats flew out!

We stopped to enjoy the beauty of the Texas state capitol building and take some shots :)

The next morning it was so nice of Mike and Caroline to clean and check out our teeth! We ended our stay with a picnic in the park by Mike's dental office. We had so much fun in Austin! We love our Austin Asays :)


Carrie said...

that looks like such a fun austin trip! i wish we had had more time when we visited austin. downtown looks like a BLAST! and brett mentioned the bats when we were there too. that would have been fun to see.

btw, the sno shack has snow cones like you described. they're SO good. there's one up in here pleasant grove, but i'm sure they're all over utah county. if you keep an eye out, you'll probably see one on the side of the road (and they have cream too). or we could get one when you come up here some time. :)

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe we packed all that into just two days and came home and did your shower that night, too! I loved everything we did and ate in Round Rock/Austin! What a great visit!

ryan and danielle said...

i have always wanted to watch the bats fly out from the bridge. unfortuantley anytime we have been in austin it was only for the day. bummer. but thanks for the pics! amazing! BUT i do LOVE that czech bakery also!

Saric said...

Cool! You guys are giving me great ideas for if I make it out there later this year!