Sunday, June 7, 2009

A party for our girl

It was so nice of my mom to throw a baby shower for me while I was out, and so so nice of everyone to come! I had a ton of fun, and Liv loves her presents :) She told me so.

We had my mom's famous lemon cupcakes, and my favorite banana bread cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Don't they look yummy!

One of my favorite things about showers is that you get to relive all of the excitement of opening presents when your husband comes home :)

This was the last night of our stay in Texas. We left the next day. At one point during the day Brady asked me if I was okay. I was surprised and said, "yes, why?" He said something just seemed wrong, and I realized that it was because I knew we would be leaving the next day. Its always so hard to leave family, especially when they are as great as mine!


Carrie said...

i know what you mean about leaving family. me and sarah always say we get a little depressed when we have to say goodbye. i think we just might have the greatest family in the whole world.

mom did a great job on the shower! it looked so cute and those cupcakes looked delicious! i saw some of your gifts when i went to your house, too and you got some good stuff.

where did brady go during the shower? did he hang out with brett?

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to have a "party" for my "baby girl" having her "baby girl"!! I'm glad I got to be part of Olivia's first celebration! I thank everyone, too, they all made it so fun and Livy will love all the amazing gifts! I was amazed you were able to pack up everything and take it back with you!

BradyH said...

Carrie...Me and Brett did a "wing challenge" between wing shack and Buffalo Wild Wings and then went to a movie with dad:) it was fun!

Carrie said...

'wing challenge' sounds fun! we should do that here. except i only know of wing shack but i'm sure there's another good wing place nearby.

Saric said...

What a fun shower! I always think its so nice of everyone from home to do that. I want to come see Liv's things! I love to see little baby stuff!