Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dallas trip continued...

On Friday morning we headed to the Dallas Farmer's Market to pick up some things for dinner that night.

The weather was so nice, and there was even a little breeze.

The produce looked so delicious

and tasted even better! It was really fun to walk up and down the aisles and have people give samples of their goods to try and tempt you to purchase from them. We had fresh cantaloupe, pineapple, mango, corn, strawberry, and watermelon!

(it was windy so i pinned my bangs back. don't judge)

Afterwards we headed over to reunion tower to try and go to the top. It was one of my favorite things to do as a child.

Brett and Brady rolled down the 'hill' like we used to do when we were kids. If I wasn't pregnant i would have done it too!

Unfortunately the tower was closed for repairs, so we headed over to downtown to walk around for ahwile and see the sites.

We saw the old red courthouse (above) and the sixth floor museum (aka the Texas school book depository- below on the left) where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly assassinated JFK. Further down the road was the JFK memorial (below- right).

Then we made our way to the west village to walk around the shops and eat!

We also rode the trolley around town

And ended our outing with gelato before going home to eat some of our yummy corn and fruit that we bought at market!


Carrie said...

dallas reminds me of going with my old roommates from the riv because i think that's the last time i went. we rolled down the 'hill' too! it's fun to act like a kid sometimes.

and the trolley reminds me of san fran. fun fun day!

and can we please hang out sometime soon? even if you just come over and we can have a sister day and go out to eat at a little cafe. i have the perfect one in mind, too. call me. love you, sistee!

Anonymous said...

I love all these "trip home" posts! It's fun to relive our week with you and Brady! It's fun to remember that you really were here! It was a perfect day that day! I loved all the fun and the weather and the food! I especially loved that you were here!

Anonymous said...

PS I try everyday to send the pictures of Sprinkles, Northpark mall, and Orange Cup - but they keep coming back! Maybe your camera has too many pixels for my computer to send?

Kristi said...

So I've never gone to Farmer's Market before...well maybe when I was a kid but I don't remember...but my parents go nearly every weekend and they ask me to go all the time. I'm surely going to make that a priority because that produce looked GOOD! I have lived in this area basically my whole life and have never been to Reunion Tower! I LOVE Pacuigo!!! Your little outing looked like so much fun!