Sunday, June 7, 2009

A visit to McKinney

We planned to go to McKinney on Saturday to visit Kjirsten and Quinn and their cute kids. We were going to get to see Liam play football and Caleb play soccer, however the weather had other plans for us :) It was pretty rainy and both games were cancelled. We still had so much fun getting to see all the kids and hang out! It was my first time to meet my niece, Claire, and she is a DOLL!

Claire and uncle Brady

Then we went to meet Liam's cow, Diamondback

That's my man bringing in 2 bags of feed :)

A young cowboy looking over his field

Mother and son

Two little boys trying to get into trouble :)

Caleb helping Liam and Luke putting sand in Caleb's boots, hahaha!

And now Caleb and Luke wrestling

That's a good lookin cow

Taking the cow over to wash it

caleb playing in the puddles

Afterwards we went out to eat at a yummy little pizza parlor, and then to walk around downtown McKinney.

We each bought a piece of candy at this old fashioned candy shop!

We also got to have steamers and realx for awhile at a coffee shop- it was just perfect for a rainy day.

When we went back to the house, Brett and Luke played some guitar for us :)

and I did a little photo shoot with this sweet little girl, that i'll post more of later.


Carrie said...

oh my goodness! claire really is such a DOLL! georgeous. we have the prettiest little nieces. i can't wait to see them again.

what a fun mckinney trip. liam looks like a natural little cowboy. i love the pic of caleb playing in the puddles with his big boots on.

and i love that candy store. that looked like a lot of fun!

Carrie said...

and i love when brett brings the guitar out. it's always fun to hang out and sing some songs. he's a fun brother, huh?

Anonymous said...

Another fun day! It was the only day that stayed rainy the whole day! But we still had a great time - loved cute little downtown Mckinney! Somehow we always manage to find a lot of yummy places!! Gotta love boys and cows and pretty little girls!