Wednesday, July 1, 2009

little baby girl:

For my mom- this is the sweet little blue dress we found at the antique store

Yesterday we went to the doctor for my 28 week visit.

I laid down and pulled my shirt up so the nurse could use the fetal doppler to let your dad and me hear your heartbeat (this is always the best part of the visit)! The nurse went to my right side and moved the device around for a second to find the heartbeat. We could hear it loud and clear. Then she moved to the left side to see if she could get a little better reading, and sure enough, it was a strong 150 beats per minute! All the sudden she said, "Oh, sorry! Your baby is kicking back at me!"

I wasn't surprised one bit. I told her that you do not like to be bothered :) Just like the other night when your dad poked you and you poked him right back over and over! He says that you and him were playing a little game.

And I was glad that you played with him :)


Anonymous said...

I love this sweet little dress! It looks so feminine and pretty and tiny and from a baby in the 60's or some older time than 2009! Perfect for Olivia! I love your journal entry and Liv will love reading it or having it read to her, too!

ryan and danielle said...

how sweet! that little dress is just adoarble too!

Carrie said...

cute little dress.

i'm glad you're thinking about reading twilight. i think you'd like it.

Kristi said...

The dress is so cute! Little Olivia is really going to cherish these letters you are writing. I wish I had done that too.