Friday, August 28, 2009

Craft time

Last week I was free of all responsibility! No work, no kids, no husband (because he was studying). How many times do you find yourself not having to go to work, school, or take care of any kids? It was easy for me to realize I will never be in that situation again, so I decided to take advantage by using my sewing machine and making some crafts. Of course they are all for the baby :)

I made these burp cloths in sets of 2. The ones that are folded were pretty easy, but those double sided ones gave me a run for my money. I tried a different method on every one. I've never sewed anything before in my life so don't look too close or you'll see I'm the world's worst seamstress.

Here are a few little clips I made for Liv and tried them on Addie... She didn't like them too much. We'll see what my baby thinks about them when she gets here.

...and a few onesies. I made more than this but these were my faves.

Now I just need to learn how to make these little ruffles to add to the bum and they'll be finished.

It was a really fun week, the only thing that would have been better was if Brady wasn't locked away studying. I was able to be a normal housewife- cooking, cleaning, organizing, running errands, and taking care of things around the house. It was fun and made me nostalgic for the day that I will get to stay home. I really enjoy doing those things, but now I'm back in school. One day I'll get to be home again :)


Carrie said...

it's all so cute. you did a great job! especially for your first ever project on a sewing machine.

Leandra said...

Taryn, those shirts are so cute! I hope someday you teach me how to make them.

Sarah said...

Love it! I want to come down and have you teach me to craft like that!

ryan and danielle said...

you are quite talented with the sewing machine! i'm very impressed! AND those onesies are soooooo CUTE!

Anonymous said...

How fun to make cute things for your very own baby with your very own hands and sewing machine! Those are all so pretty!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

HoooooW cuuute!! I love it all! You did a great job!

What a lucky little gal!! :)