Saturday, August 29, 2009


My sisters threw me a surprise family baby shower on Friday, and let me say I was completely surprised! Perhaps the best surprise was that my mom and sister had flown into town the night before without my knowledge, so I was shocked and so overjoyed when I saw them!

Carrie and Sarah did an amazing job planning and decorating! They did a bird theme since that's what I'm doing in the nursery, so I absolutely loved all the details they put into it.

This is a cute banner that is now hanging above Olivia's crib

Check out those chocolate bird's nest cookies! So cute.

Two of my cousins are also pregnant and due the same week as me! Remember, this shower was a surprise, so that should explain why I look like a little boy in all the pics ;)

And I was overjoyed that they made this adorable bird mobile that I get to hang in the nursery as well!

I had so much fun seeing all my family. Thanks to everyone for coming and a huge thanks to my sisters for throwing it!


Carrie said...

whatever. you do not look like a little boy. you look so cute.

i'm happy you liked it and that you didn't catch on beforehand. it was fun!!

Anonymous said...

Soooooo FUN! What a surprise for all of us (with you walking in on our surprise before we were ready!!)! That was a fun day and such a fun time to spend with Aunts and cousins and sisters! Liv will love these pictures!

Sarah said...

We had so much fun and were glad you were surprised! I think you looked dang cute in all the pictures!

ryan and danielle said...

you look SUPER cute in the pics and again, i LOVE the birdie theme in the nursery, it's precious!

Scottie and Angie said...

Ok you so don't look like a boy, I cant even believe you would say that!!! You know I think you are adorable!!! i love that your sisters and mom did that for you!!! I just love it!!! And you deserve it!!!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Such a cute shower for such a cute Mamma-to-be!

Glad I got to come :)