Saturday, October 10, 2009

cousins and baby faces

Remember the pic of me and my cousins at my baby shower, and we were all pregnant?
Well now we all have cute little babies.

These lovely ladies are second cousins(?) I don't really know if its second cousins,
but the other two are my cousins' babies.

Mckelle, Indee, and Olivia. Indee and Olivia were both born on the 16th and Mckelle was born three days earlier on the 13th.

Olivia was mad at her mom for not feeding her right then. She really is such a pleasant baby between feedings, but when she's hungry she wants food THEN. Too bad she had to be so mad during the pics.

Here she is in happier times


Carrie said...

ugh!! SO cute! i wish she had been awake when i was there today. i'm excited for a few months from now, when she's just a little older and starts being more alert and smiley. i might be dropping in more often. : ) me and the boys can't seem to get enough livy!

Debi said...

oh my darn cute!!!! Hope you guys are cherishing every moment. She is absolutely precious:)
Love you all!

Love, Mom and Grandma Debi

bruce h. said...

I love it! I love the little "o" of the lips!! Miss Ava does the same thing and we can't get enough! She and Olivia would be good friends ;) are you and Brady getting some rest? I hope so...because we sure aren't! :)

bruce h. said...

Oh, this is Mandy...not Bruce :)

caroline said...

I love her pretty mouth in all of those pictures- She's the cutest!!!!
Great 2nd cousin pictures, they're all so tiny!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - Livy is getting so big!! What a sweet face she has! Her hair is still pretty light and her mouth is so beautiful! You all look wonderful and I miss you all so much!! I really NEED to hug you all and hold Liv for hours! I think I have a better cousins picture, I'll have to send it to you - Livy was pretty much asleep and then up and HUNGRY! Those are three really cute girls!
Love you all,

Saric said...

Cute! I wish I could have seen all those cuties in person.

Stephany Nelson said...

She is absolutely adorable! Beautiful pictures to cherish.

Kristi said...

Oh my gosh she is soooooo adorable! How neat that she has those 2nd cousins all her same age. That's fun.