Sunday, November 15, 2009

just us girls

I wish I could just sit and watch you all day long.

I would watch you talk and coo and gurgle, making cute little faces with furrowed brows, sticking your tongue out trying to mimmick me, getting big eyes when you can focus and see my eyes looking right into yours, and then smiling when you recognize that its me, your mama.

I would keep watching when your eyes start to get so heavy, they blink and then the blinking gets slower [...] I'd also see you startle yourself so you wake up. I would say 'shh shh shh, mama's got ya' and hug you close with my cheek on yours, and the blinking would begin all over again. Then I would keep watching you sleep with such a peaceful face, sometimes cracking a smile and letting out some sighs in your high voice. [...]

Even though I miss daddy when he's gone, its fun when he leaves just us girls to party together.

Thank you for letting me be your mom Livy, I am the luckiest.


Anonymous said...

I love that you share these sweet thoughts with us! She will love reading these journal entries some day! Two very beautiful girls having fun girl time!

mandy harline said...

Ahhh, so beautiful. A lucky little girl to have such a great mama and daddy!

Debi said...

thank you for the helps a lonely Grandpa and Grandma and Haylee.
What a special momma you are!
Love ya! Debi/mom :)

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Pretty pictures! I think you look like Carrie in that pic!! What a sweet post (and the tummy time one) I love to read all you sweet posts about you guys and Liv. You're such sweet parents.

Kristi said...

This made me cry. You're the sweetest little mommy. LOVE those pictures.