Monday, December 7, 2009

deck the halls

or at least trying too

I contemplated not even decorating our little place at all this Christmas, seeing as how we are going to Texas this year, and sometimes I feel like its not even worth all the effort to get all the decs out and up. Especially because we don't have the most posh decorations.

Lack of decoration funds and time to make cool ones = ugly old ones.

Then I thought of our new little baby, and felt a sort of responsibility to make her first Christmas somewhat festive, even if she is too little to have any idea what is going on.

So out came the trinkets, and low and behold, it made me excited.

My parents always share the story of their first Christmas. They had a single branch with a single ornament in a tin can as their Christmas tree. They love to laugh about it, but I can see the nostalgia in their eyes of remembering that time when money was short but their relationship grew so much stronger because of it.

So maybe even though we don't have the newest or nicest decorations, one day I'll look back on this Christmas with fondness, and remember the time when we put up all the ugly decorations while listening to Christmas music and toasting each other with sparkling plastic cups.

our lone decoration
(okay we actually have two of these cute nutcrackers)

All the fun presents (thanks to Mom and Dad Hansen)
make our tiny little tree (which was a gift- thanks R&S) come alive!

These are not ugly, but I wanted to show off our extensive nativity collection!
We have a total of 3!
One for each Christmas we've been married (thanks Mom and Dad Asay)!

#1 (don't mind Livy's jewelry all over the place)




The Jeppsen 5 said...

aww I love the little decorations-and the tree!! And I love the story about your mom and dad with the one branch in a can for a Christmas tree. Glad you decorated-it'll be good memories :)

PS love those nativities!!

Debi said...

Oh so pretty!!! You just really do need to decorate and play music to feel the spirit of the season.
Thanks for sharing with us.
I just got a new nativity this year and it is #2 of your set :) Cute huh!
Swing by my FB and see the flash mob dance from our Christmas parade.
Love ya!


Kristi said...

After reading this I will hopefully get my Christmas decorations out this afternoon so that I can make sure my kids have good memories of this Christmas. Mine are older and totally know what's going on so I have a duty to do it. I'm just so blah this year. I love your nativity scenes, my mom has that 2nd one and I want it!

Anonymous said...

I love all of your decorations! You guys did a great job and I know baby O will love seeing pictures of her first Christmas in her first home! Everything looks perfect - looks like a BUNCH of presents waiting to be opened! Work hard on those last days of school and finals and then ENJOY Christmas and all the love and joy of our dear Savior's birth!
Love you tons,

Anonymous said...

PS I love all your nativity sets! You know I love to cover the living room in nativities! When you come, we'll have to go to the Arboretum - they have over 500 nativities in the DeGoyer house!
Can't wait!
Love, mom