Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last night I watched the 'Carrie Underwood Holiday Special'.

It was nothing special really, but she does have a pretty voice, and one bit in particular had me reminiscing about my childhood. When Kristen Chenoweth and Christina Applegate joined her for a tribute to 60s girl groups, I couldn't help but flashback to my sisters and I doing almost the exact same thing. I guess it was mostly during the song 'The Leader of the Pack" when the fond memories really flooded my mind.

We would put on the Oldies CD and make up dances to each of our favorite songs for hours and hours. We would pull helpless family members in to watch our routines, and I felt so proud when they would clap and offer words of praise (even though we were really just acting out our literal interpretation of the song rather than true choreography, which must have been pretty funny at times). Sometimes we would even do the same dance 3 different times so each person could have a turn being someone else.
Hmm, that was probably more for me, as the littlest sister, wanting my turn in the spotlight. I always looked forward to coming home from school so that we could 'practice' or get started on a brand new creation.

Such special times I spent with my sisters, and memories I will cherish forever!

I couldn't find a clip of 'The Leader of the Pack' so this will have to do:

Just think girls, with a little more practice, that could have been us on that stage! Okay A LOT more practice in my case.


Anonymous said...
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Saric said...

What do you mean 'with a little more practice'? We're way better than those girls...Sike! (Don't you miss 'sike') I guess we could have Carrie dance and the rest of us could just stand in the background and do the hip pop, snap thing.

Carrie said...

ah. . . . those were the days.

Kristi said...

Ahh fun sister memories. I did that too when I was young but I was a solo act. I was the singer/dancer in my family, my sister thought I was just really stupid! I wish I would have watched that, I love Kristen Chenowith. I didn't even know Christina Applegate sang!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I loved the sister acts - starting clear back when Kj was the lead singer and you guys loved to back her up! I can't until you all come and we do karaoke - I love those nights (I also love that the husbands even jump in there with some numbers)! I think you are all GREAT singers and could do your special!