Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lately I've been feeling a little blue.

Sometimes I feel like I never get to see my little baby O. (not enough at least)
I worry that she'll forget about me while I'm gone during the day.
What if when I get home she doesn't even recognize me.
What if she doesn't know I love her.

Today, when I came home just after 5, and Brady and I said our hello's while he was pulling out and I was pulling in (I call him when I'm in the parking lot so no time is wasted and we can quickly 'exchange' the baby). Livy woke up shortly after i got home. She was laying on her back, a little fussy, so I started singing to her and dancing a little. She immediately smiled. She has always loved when anyone sings to her, so during the day I always make up songs about what we're doing to keep her smiling (because I can never get enough of those smiles).

For the next hour I held her and we looked right into eachother's eyes. I turned on some of my favorite songs and I sang to her. I wanted her to just look at me. Study my face and hear my voice. We smiled at eachother, and she just stared and listened so contently.

I felt loved. I hope she did too.

And I hope everyday I can have singing, staring, smiling time with my baby.

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