Friday, January 8, 2010

2009: in review

2009 will forever be a favorite of mine. So many BIG things happened for us this year and it was delightful to remember all the things that made 2009 historic.

*We brought in the new year on our own, just the two of us! It was the first and last time we will get that opportunity to celebrate in such a quaint way.

It was forseen from the fortune cookie gods that 'everything' would soon 'come my way'. I wasn't aware of how true that would be for this year.

We went on some fun outings including Spark, Body Worlds 3 (and realized the beauty of the human body and what a blessing it is to have one), Happy Sumo, Sundance film festival, Melting Pot, 40's party, freedom festival, hot air balloons, 4th in evanston, and the lindon aquatics park

I ran 5 miles and got a bloody foot to show for it.

Enjoyed quality time with nieces and nephs

Celebrated my 24th while being sick to my stomach and secretly 7 weeks pregnant

found the prettiest things antiquing like this and this

Spent Valentine's Day playing in the snow

Brady got to spend some time in DC

Announced that we were pregnant

Had some beautiful days and spent lots of quality time together before becoming a family of 3

and some bad days

discovered the beehive bazaar

experienced the joy and pains of pregnancy

Had entirely too much fun being home. If you don't believe me,

Brady took the MCAT and did great!

Enjoyed the beauty of the earth

and brought our sweet baby into the world

and since then we can't seem to talk about much else.


mandy harline said...

What a great post! Love all the beautiful pictures! Isn't it so fun to look back on a year and how much things change?! So glad it was a good year for you packed a lot into it!

Anonymous said...

2009 was very good to you alright! It's fun to see all you guys accomplished and all the fun you had! So many wonderful and amazing events - but my very favorite was Sweet Olivia - how I LOVE that girl! She is so good, sweet, beautiful, happy, smiley, and WONDERFUL!
May 2010 be just as perfect for you all!

Scottie and Angie said...

What a beautiful post Tare!!! I loved how you linked everything to your past blog posts!!! 2009 was a big year for you. I love you lots and I hope 2010 brings in many more wonderful memories!

whitney said...

Taryn, josh and i check your blog often and i love this post. and i love that you love antiquing! we were meant to be cousins!