Saturday, February 27, 2010

5 months

This is way late- 11 days to be exact.

Right now:
-she's getting better at playing 'alone' as long as I am in sight
-still pretty much hates sitting in her carseat
-now likes to be held looking over my shoulder (opposite of what she used to like)
-still loves that hair dryer
-gets up on her hands and knees, or feet and sticks her bum straight up in the air
-sucks her thumb!
-laughs when daddy growls and cries if anyone else does it
-recognizes when one of us leaves, and smiles when we return


Debi said...

Is she seriously ours? What an absolute doll!

Love, Me

Anonymous said...

Look at those beautiful eyes! Are they going to stay blue - only time will tell! I also love her pretty blonde highlights and her beautiful face! FIVE months old, how is that possible? I want to see her suck her thumb! The rest of her grown up "tricks" show up a little in your last few posts and videos! Love her tons!

Carrie said...

yep, i've seen a lot of that when we babysit. i've noticed she likes to look over my shoulder and i will never again try to put her to sleep without the hair dryer. i could never get her to sleep until last time, when i tried that. heaven!

caroline said...

it's funny that there seems to be a spell of thumbsuckers in the family right now:) she looks like such a big girl and so pretty in that picture. don't you feel like it's going by so fast?!

Scottie and Angie said...

WOW 5 months already. So exciting. Loved the school update, sounds like you are doing an amazing job!