Saturday, February 27, 2010


I got to clean Colson's teeth last week!
He was such a good patient! More pictures of that later.

Now I'm off to volunteer at Give Kids a Smile!

p.s. his teeth aren't normally pink, that's disclosing agent.


Anonymous said...

Colson looks like a great patient! I bet he thought the pink teeth were cool! I hope he knows he had the best hygienist around! (Now I dare to try Griff:) HA)

Carrie said...

phew, i'm glad you added the ps. i looked at the picture and went, 'oh no! everyone's going to think he's got gross teeth!' and then i read on. : )

he thought it was so fun. he told brad how much fun he had and brad just looked at me like, 'is this guy serious? fun? at the dentist?'

thanks for cleaning his teeth and making it a good day for him! love ya!

caroline said...

what a great picture and great patient!!