Monday, February 22, 2010

another burger joint

Finally after a very long week, we were able to do something together. We tried the new burger joint across from the mall.

How cute is this little girl? Just thinkin she's big enough to sit and chill with mama.

The burgers were pretty good, but the smash fries were awesome.
I just had the classic burger, but they have lots of different ones to choose from, as well as salads that also looked really good.

We still like Five Guys best.


Anonymous said...

It all looks new and clean and fresh...and yummy! I am a fry girl so I'll need to try those!
But the big surprise...look at Baby O - soooo BIG! I just want (no need) to hold her! She really does look adorable sitting next to her momma!
Love you all,mom/grammy

Carrie said...

mmm, i still need to try that.

but i'm sure i'll still like five guys best, too. yum. i could use a little right now.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Yuuum! Looks so good! I like 5 guys too, but they don't have shakes! (at least they didn't last time we went), and I feel like I need a chocolate shake if I'm gonna eat a hamburger :)

Cute pictures! Livy is SO cute, and big! I love the one of the two of you in the UDA post (which looked neat by the way).

cat.janer said...

Those fries blow my mind up with happiness. Cute baby. Hey B-Town, remember that post you made a million years ago about a PR coach for the olympians (yes I remember it, because I thought it was THAT funy). I hope you have been watching the winter Olympics because there have been some real doozies-mostly with the ski team (ie wearing a tiara on the podium, doing a little snow-spin at the bottom of the hill, etc). Please advise.

Kristi said...

Burgers. YUM. Livy is SO cute sitting there like a big girl. What a fun place, you guys have all the cool places up there in Utah!

BradyH said...

Cat...ha, no joke!! Did you happen to catch how the Canadian GIRLS celebrated their gold? Its great especially when you realize their star player is 18...its worth a google ;)