Sunday, February 21, 2010

UDA convention

This weekend I got to go to my 2nd Dental convention (the 1st was when I was in high school, and I went with my brother- I wonder if he remembers?).

It was at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake, and I really enjoyed seeing all the latest gadgets in dentistry.

Dana and me trying out the ergonomic chairs (for some reason I sat in the assistant chair).

Plus all the free stuff made it pretty cool too.

We went to a class in the morning, browsed the exhibits, out for lunch, and then another class in the afternoon.

Someone had mentioned PF Changs for lunch, but we quickly realized that we had no idea where that was, or if it was even within walking distance from the Salt Palace. We just decided to start walking and figure it out.

I looked across the street and saw Benihana and the Blue Iguana, and remembered it from when we went with B's family. Everyone agreed and we decided to try Blue Iguana.

Kayli, Kelsey, Lindsey, Courtney, Jaycie, and me enjoying our yummy Mexican food!
Always fun to find a new yummy restaurant.

Here's the SWAG!
I'm most excited about the whitening kits, spry xylitol gum, bubblegum fluoride varnish, and colorful air/water syringe tips :)

As much fun as it was, I missed my husband baby girl who I felt I hadn't hardly seen during the week since I had 3 tests this week and was studying for the majority.

Brady took care of Liv for pretty much the entire week including Friday (which is normally the day I get to be with her) while I was at the convention. I am constantly reminded what a wonderful husband I have. I am so thankful for his willingness to help me juggle my life. I learn so much about selflessness from him everyday.


Dustin and Whit said...

I love the UDA! I used to go every year when I was a dental assistant and I really enjoyed all of the classes and great free samples! I totally miss that!

Anonymous said...

YAY for dental conferences and all the free goodies! You're looking like a pro! Liv looks really happy to have her mommy home! Fun for both of you!
Brady IS amazing! We really appreciate him and his willingness and ability to make it as painless as possible for you to become a hygienist! Thanks Brady! Olivia (and Taryn) are very lucky and of course, Livy gets so much special time with dad so she reaps a big reward!
love, mom

caroline said...

I love free stuff too- gets me all excited just thinking about it:) looks like some good dental stuff!
Good luck with all of the tests and all of the juggling! We think about you often and are cheering you (and Brady) on. I love the picture of Liv sitting next you- such pretty girls-
Brady's one lucky guy!

Kristi said...

WOOT WOOT for free stuff! That was a lot of loot! Looks like a fun convention with fun girls. Little Livy is so cute in her pj's :)