Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Remember how I said she learned to scream.... well here's proof
(Sorry for my annoying voice, I was just trying to get her to do it)

At the end, there's also a video of her using her hands to feel B's face and telling him a very serious story.

p.s. She rolled over from back to front for the first time yesterday!


The Jeppsen 5 said...

Oh!! Love it!! I love her little face when she looks at her Mamma!! And she got a little concerned when you walked away to turn on the light, and lit right back up when you came back-so sweet! I love her squeals! I love her conversation with her Da. Such a serious one...lots of stuff to tell him! What a doll! What a precious video!

And tell her good job on the rollin' over!! :) She's been a busy girl-all that squealin' and talkin' and rollin' over :)

Kristi said...

Sweet little moments! Love the squealing and serious talk with Brady. She's getting so big. And rolling over! That's awesome.

Scottie and Angie said...

So cute Tare, Thanks for sharing.
ps. your voice wasn't annoying at all!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing Liv's sweet voice! I listen to this a million times a day! (I love hearing your sweet voice, too!) Her little "talk" with daddy is so cute, and I love seeing her grab her feet! She is becoming so talented! - Rolling over, too - what a girl! I'm dying to see you all again - I wonder when it will happen!

Kris and Megan Wright said...

ah!! i loved it when landon found his voice and started screaming! she does sound like she has some serious business to talk over! love her!!!

caroline said...

I finally got to see the video after several attempts. Soooooo
cute, I love her darling little scream! I wish Savannah's screams were that cute:) It's so girly! Lily is more of a growler.