Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sleep Sheep

We are so thankful that Liv is such a good sleeper.

I truly feel like one of the reasons she is such a good sleeping baby is because she listens to white noise every time she naps or goes to sleep.

See that sweet little lamb in the corner. That's Livy's sleep sheep.
I highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble getting their baby to sleep.

"Thank you Aunt Linda for my sleep sheep! I love to listen to the rain when I fall asleep."

Thank you Aunt Linda! I love how sweet and soft that little sheep is, and I love having a good sleeping girl!


Anonymous said...

I love these sweet peaceful pictures of Liv!! Look at all her hair! I just want to squeeze her and hug her and kiss her and cuddle her! I also love the sweet sounds of the sleep sheep and that Livy loves soothing sounds to go to sleep by!
Love, mom/grammy

Leanne Barlow said...

I have that same lamb and it is the BEST! Might be our favorite give ever.

mandy harline said...

Amen, amen, and amen to sleep sounds! All three of our girls have sleep sheeps, too!!! Hands down, without a doubt the best ever! That is always the baby gift I give out now to friends and family.

Kris and Megan Wright said...

we have one of those too, they are fantastic! i'm glad it's working so well with little livi!!

caroline said...

Livy looks so sweet and comfie! I think I may need a sleep sheep... for myself, maybe I would sleep better :) Great baby gift too!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

I've heard of those white noise things....I might need one of those for our next one. I'll keep these sweet little pictures in mind to help me remember :)

Love all the Christmas pictures--Liv is such a dolly!! And congratulations on working on a real patient! I bet that feels so great! And what a great feeling to feel like all that information you store in your brain actually has a purpose!! Great job, Tare!!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet precious peaceful sleeping Baby! I love all the pictures of your bundle of joy and what fun it has been to watch her grow and change. Her smiles can melt you and I can tell she loves her Mommy and Daddy as much as they love her. Nighty night little Olivia and I am very happy the Sleep Sheep is your friend and your comfort. Because you love it and Emma and Isabella love it .... I will give this anytime I need to give a baby gift.

Thank you for your sweet note...I love you...Aunt Linda