Sunday, March 7, 2010


just a random video for you.
And despite B dressing her in mismatched clothes, she looks cute :)

And a random pic.
I was doing laundry and needed to move to another room, so i put her in the basket.
She loved it i promise.
She was smiley until we got the camera

And I just got out of the shower which is why my hair is like that.
Although these days it doesn't look much different even when its dry.
I'm in desperate need of a hair cut/style. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

This girl is on the move! She looks ready for something big to break and I'm sure will be sitting and crawling before long! What a DOLL! Love all her squeals!

caroline said...

Love her girly squeals and Brady's fun daddy noises! She looks like she's getting so close to taking off! Go Olivia!!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Sooo cute!! Mismatched, Shmismatched...she looks so cute!! I love your long hair! You really want to cut it?? I try all the time to get mine long, but I never make it. Long or short, you look beau-T-ful :)