Friday, April 30, 2010


*All my posts are completely random right now. I can't seem to find a groove lately. I guess the randomness demonstrates how unorganized my life feels right now. Sorry for the meaninglessness, but either I stop blogging all together or I try to push through it. Here's my best attempt at a post.

Brady calls Liv 'puppy dog'.

We found her shredding a paper towel with the remains all around her.

She always has her tongue hanging out.

She bites and chews on anything and everything.

And, no matter how many times I wipe her nose, she has a constant flow of snot and drool on her face at all times.

She is loyal and watches and waits while we do our chores to play with us after.

And she's just so darn cute!

Just a cute picture of Daddy and his puppy... I mean baby.


Carrie said...

aww. i miss that little dumpling! can't wait to see her again. she's so big!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart! Miss you all and hope you are having a great time in TX.
She just get prettier and prettier...even with a runny nose :)
Love, Grandma

Tyler + Zahara said...

This is so cute! ha I love the metaphor, and your family is adorable! especially love your flower headband :)