Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vacation is over

SO sad that my break from school is over, but I guess the sooner I start again the sooner I finish.

We traveled to TX for a few short days and it was heaven. I planned nothing which made for the most relaxing time.

We did:
hang out by the pool a few times, went running, visited with family we don't get to see often, caught up our favorite shows, finished a book and started a new one, created a few small crafts, and traveled down to Austin to visit more family and have some dental work done (now hopefully I'll stop having nightmares about my teeth deteriorating and falling out). Of course the trip was interspersed with special TX treats like Blue Bell ice cream.

My favorite part of this trip was that we BOTH got to sleep in several times!!!!! A luxury I thought I would never know again. My parents woke up with Olivia so that we could both catch a few more Z's.

This may not sound like fun to anyone else, but to us it was magical. That little list up there doubles as a list of all the things we haven't gotten to do this past semester/year. Such is the life of 2 full time students who are also parents of a cute baby. Even though I basically don't get a summer, this semester will be so much better in the aspect that Brady is DONE with school. Of course there is always more work to be done. In between taking care of baby O and working, he'll be focusing on rounding out and submitting his applications to med school (this month). Then the waiting game is on yet again.

We did not:
study (partly due to the fact that I forgot ALL my study materials- wish me luck on my HUGE end of year 1 exam on Tues, especially since I picked up a nasty cold at the end of the trip)

*Brady did not officially graduate because we want to wait until he is accepted to med school in case they require him to take another class. He has 1 credit left to complete next fall :) And I will be making him walk and get the cap and gown even if he does have several more years of school ahead.


Kris and Megan said...

glad you guys got to sleep in and enjoy a vacay with no plans set in stone!!! your little livi is too cute, she has grown so much!!! and here's my question that i think you should blog about soon... how the heck do you juggle going to school full time and taking care of that sweet little baby? do you and brady ever see each other or is it just handing off the baby back and forth to each other while the other studies/works? i always wonder how you two make it work! you seem to do it so well though, good job!!

caroline said...

it's the simple sleeping and unplanned down time that make parents happy:) Taryn, I hope you're feeling better! I'm so glad you guys made the trip out to Austin- we loved seeing you guys! Bella's been talking about Olivia everyday since you left:) Good luck on your test, you'll do awesome! and good luck Brady with med school application!!

Carrie said...

i know brady's out of school now, but if you want me to watch olivia sometime i can. brady could help you study or you could just enjoy a little while without baby. we're going out of town on saturday, but if you want me to watch her during the week(even tonight) i can.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

I think your trip sounds great!! I love those kinds of simple things too.

Good luck with your test and Brady's med school apps!!

Andrea and Reid said...

oh you don't need to stress about the test!! you will do GREAT!! and if something happens and you don't..don't worry, you can always just remediate with me!!

Marsha said...

Your stay in Texas was SO FUN and too FAST! I'm so glad I'll be seeing you again soon! Good Luck on all the tons of important things coming up! We loved having you ALL here! Olivia has really changed a lot since we saw her Jan. - what a big girl now! Ilove watching her and all her cute tricks!
Love, mom

Scottie and Angie said...

YAY for a vacation to Texas!!! I love getting to visit Family. I bet they loved getting to see you and cute Olivia. Congrats to Brady on the graduation, that is so exciting!!! Good luck with all the Med school endeavors...I hope you end up somewhere closer to me! Love you

janelle stubbs said...

That's so cool that you have family in Austin- i live in Houston! you and brady would always be welcome here if you want to visit galveston- a short 50 minute ride away :) glad you enjoyed a trip away from school. i totally know where you're coming from! tell brady i said hello! good luck going into your second year! it's waaaay better than the first.

taryn said...

Meg- The only reason everything works is because we have a lot of help from family! I might do a post about it sometime for myself to look back on, even though its boring for most people to read :)

Caroline- Olivia misses Bella too!

Carrie- That is really so nice to offer! We will probably take you up on that :)

Thanks for all your comments! I love reading them :)