Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Over here we're just rollin in the money.

Okay now you must know how poor we really are since we felt the need to take a picture of us with several 100 dollar bills. This obviously isn't a frequent occurence over here.

We sold Dora (our Ford Explorer) this week and thought it was funny that the dude who bought it paid in cash. Very sad to see her go, but happy to have some extra cash. Now I can buy all those new clothes and shoes I've been drooling over, and I can get Olivia some designer clothes too! And Brady can buy 15 ipads with the leftover cash and make an ipad WALL like he's been dreaming of doing.

That says psych if you couldn't tell {remember several years ago when that was cool}

Unfortunately there will be many other places that money will be flying off too before I can go shopping with it. A girl can dream though.


mandy harline said...

Nice! I think you should spend it on candy :) Forget paying bills and student loans!! when my best friend, Emily, and I would make money babysitting, we would have one of our moms take us to Mr. Bulky's candy store in the mall. We'd blow all of our money on candy. We were really smart girls :)

Saric said...

i bet you could have those tested and turn up more than a trace of cocaine.

Marsha said...

That's a lot of moola! I bet it was sad to see your car drive away. What a blessing, though, that you had a way to be able to get the money needed for your many bills and medical school applications! Who needs a 2nd car, anyway?! Hopefully you find that you can do okay without it for a while! You guys are resourceful in all the right ways! Good luck!

Laura O'Hearon said...

Haha I took money with me to Washington when I went last week and 4/5's of it came home with me and just got put on my visa.. sadly, I am just short of having it paid off too. Break my heart. The world would be such a nicer place if money didn't exist and people had good hearts. Too bad thats far off thinking..

maybe someday when Brady finishes med school (yes, I read that on your blog posts earlier haha) and Jeremy gets in and finishes med school, we can go on a shopping spree together ..when debt is paid and money exists. That'd be rad.

Kristi said...

I just think it's hilarious that your Explorer was named Dora. I mean seriously I laughed REALLY hard at that. I totally would want to take that $ and buy clothes too. :( Bummer that you probaly had to do boring, adult things with it like pay bills!