Monday, June 14, 2010

Cousins: Colse and Griff

The Willits' had us over for a delicious dinner tonight, and the babe enjoyed all of the love her cute cousins gave her. I didn't have my camera with me tonight, but I've taken several pics of the boysies and our girly. Here are a few:

Livy LOVES her Colse and Griff so much! It is always such a treat for her when they come over, or when we go over there. What fun it is to watch them tickle and talk to her, I just love how they want to be near her the whole time. She just loves all the attention they give her. I think they could make her giggle all day long.

And an extra pic of Colse being so entertaining!

And another video. Skip to 0:58 to see the boys making her laugh.

I'm sure not a lot of people like these videos, because they're usually so long, and probably pretty boring to most. However, I do know that the grandparents love them, so I continue posting vids for them {and of course for myself because I obviously love them}!

In this video:
-B and Liv playing
-Colse and Griff making Liv laugh
-Liv loving my cell phone
-My brother trying to make her laugh
-Liv sitting and playing


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the videos!! Keep them coming~
I love you guys...thanks for making me smile today Livie!

Auntie Kath

Anonymous said...

Love the cousins! Those boys sure LOVE their sweet little Livy! It's fun how much she loves to watch them and be around them! I'm glad they all get to spend time together! Of course her reaction to their entertaining is perfect - love the squeals and giggles! It makes the boys love to perform for her and play with her!

caroline said...

those are some cute and very entertaining cousins and Brett is such a fun uncle. I loved liv's scream laugh!

Carrie said...

those boys light up when their little livy is around. they just love her so much.

it's fun to see brett with her too. cute.