Saturday, June 12, 2010

Funny face

I think baby O has the cutest face. Sometimes her faces make me laugh.

Below is her 'fake' smile. She does it all the time!
Its like your joke wasn't really funny, but she's smiling to be nice.
It almost looks painful.

Playing with daddy faces

In awe of the world

The two faces below are my all time favorites.
I wish they were a little clearer, but this is how I will forever think of my Livy at this age.


Anonymous said...

Truly, she is soooo cute! I love her "fake" smile and fun with daddy faces and your favorites - well really, ALL her adorable faces! Every one is precious and priceless!

Sarah said...

Who wouldn't love that face, its so pinchable! Lucky for Liv I don't get to see her too often, her cheeks might hurt if I were around more ;)!

Dave and Jessica said...

Taryn....cute blog...and cute baby! I can't believe how big she is! Time flies...but right now with school, that's a good thing!

caroline said...

love the fake out! she's hilariously adorable! she makes the cutest faces:)

danielle said...

love the fake smile! too cute, she must be smart learning how to pose for all those pics. haha. too funny! i can't believe how big she is getting already!! it seems just a few weeks ago you were still expecting!