Monday, June 7, 2010

a new toy

I'm pretty sure in Liv's eyes we were the coolest parents ever when we gave her a new activity table. She's been pulling up on everything, including our end tables by the couch. She loves nothing more than to pull everything off the table and onto the floor. We are not great fans of this game so we decided it was time for a new toy to distract her. She was so happy for the rest of the day, she would just smile every time she looked at us. I think we had just as much fun simply from watching her.

Here is a video
if you're interested.
{fyi: you can change the video to HD by pressing the 360p or 480p button in the lower right corner and changing it to 720p}

Such a good feeling when you get it right.


Marsha said...

So many things to do! I love how she loves to spin the little thing with her finger and then look up and smile at you after her accomplishment! I also love how she smiles everytime it sings after having been quit for a second! I think mom and dad got lots of enjoyment out of this new addition, too because Liv is so fun to watch! This will be another one that I love watching over and over because she is just that cute!

Scottie and Angie said...

My favorite part was how she would look up at you and give you guys the biggest happiest smile ever! SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo cute. Way to be great parents:)

Amanda and KC said...

oh this is so so funny! she LOVES it! great gift!

Ben and Megan said...

SHE IS SO CUTE! Seriously, the cutest little baby girl. I don't think I've seen a kid that happy for so long! I'm glad I got to meet her in person before we left again!

Anonymous said...

I have had the hardest time leaving comments...I don't know what is wrong.
But I got through today and love to tell you that we watch these precious videos a million times!
We love that baby doll of yours...Miss Pearly Pearl is an absolute doll.
Miss and love you three!
Grandma and Grandpa and Haylee