Tuesday, June 8, 2010

take me out to the ball game

Sometimes its bittersweet to leave your baby to go out.

That's what we did on Saturday (thanks to Steph for being so willing to babysit). We've done it before but it is few and far between. And even when we are on dates or out with friends, somehow our cutest baby always makes it into our conversations at least a few times. We like to laugh and giggle about all the things she does, typical parents I guess. Now that I think of it, we laugh and talk about her every night after she goes to sleep and often wish we could go wake her up just to see her one more time.

Of course it was so fun to finally be out, sans the baby. Its weird though, as I've mentioned before, once
you have kids (at least for me) it seems that you are never totally relaxed. I always worry a little while I'm gone. Is she crying, is she hungry, is she tired, will she go to bed easily for the sweet person who volunteers to watch her? A little part of me wouldn't mind being on the phone the whole time, asking, 'what's she doing now?' and talking through everything.

The other (majority) part of me thoroughly enjoys getting all of my man's attention, and being able to give him all of mine. He's still my number one. And once I get the text that says she's asleep, its so much easier to relax.

So we enjoyed some summer baseball and all that it entails, well almost. B was a little upset that they didn't sell sunflower seeds, but other than that we basked in the nice weather, had bellies full of hot dogs and potato salad (and lots of other yummy stuff too), and sips of Coke throughout the night. We had fun flirting and pretending that we were two singles on a date, since we realized that neither of us were wearing our rings.

And then the perfect end to a summer date =

What a nice time we had with friends from school! So fun to get to know everyone better!

On the way home B mentioned how weird it is that we used to be able to go out and do anything we wanted anytime, with no other responsibilities. I thought how fun that was, but how much MORE fun it was that now we get to come home to the sweetest little baby. Don't get me wrong, I highly recommend to anyone who is married or getting married waiting for awhile to have kids because it does change your life, and its so important to build a good relationship with your man before having kids (just my opinion). Now that the time is here for us though, how weird and empty our lives would be without her and all the joy she brings to our home.


BradyH said...

So...when can I see you again? ;)

you are the best date ever!

love ya

Anonymous said...

Nothing like enjoying the good 'ol American past time of baseball - and all that comes with it (food)! It's funny how a parent really feels they need a break, but then all they can think about is the adorable kids they left at home! Glad you relaxed and fun and Liv was well cared for!