Saturday, July 31, 2010


::Thursday 7.29.10::

We headed up the Provo Canyon for a bonfire with friends.

Jess, Me, Britt, and Megs....this was a self-timer pic and apparently we thought we needed to bend down.

The whole group

A skunk came midway through and tried to ruin the party

The girls and my s'more (this pic = stolen from Megs' blog)

The lights went out and scared everyone to death,
but after that the stars were unreal.
Good times.
Thanks to Gma Hansen for staying with Olivia while we ventured out.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - so many fun posts that I don't know where to begin! (Where have I been anyway to miss so many fun happenings?) What a fun evening with friends! Nothing like a campfire and smores! All the rest of the posts are great - Liv's hair is long, curly, and adorable! Debi, Danee, Steph, and Avery = lots of fun times! Cute toys on you, yummy tastes of the Valley, funny livy shoes, and great videos! How much fun can one cute little family have?! This is probably just what you needed as you get ready for tests, papers, etc!

Anonymous said...

BTW - where I said "cute toys on you" it's supposed to say "cute toesies on you"!