Saturday, July 31, 2010

Out with the gals

::Friday 7.30.10::

I enjoyed a girls day out on Friday with Debi (Gma Hansen) and Danee!

After enjoying a delectable salad/sandwich combo from Zupas (and cheesecake for national cheescake day), we headed to the mall.

Gma took Liv so that I could have a pedi! It was seriously so relaxing to sit in that chair with no worries. I closed my eyes and almost fell asleep while enjoying the chair massage and pampering of my feet.

The finished product. I've never chosen neon pink before and I've never gotten flowers before either, but I think its fun for summer. Thanks Debi, it was just what the doctor ordered!


Carrie said...

you lucked out in the in-law department. what a sweet mother-in-law/grandma. she probably just wanted little livy all to herself and figured that was a good way to get it. : ) am i right, debbi?

that looked like a fun day with the girls! love the nails. i never get my nails done but i see girls with the glitter toes and decorative fingernails and think it'd be fun sometime just to treat myself to something different.

Tyler + Zahara said...

Great pictures from the bonfire! I love that you got to go get a pedi, I totally want one! Your toes are super cute and I'm trying to convince Ty to go get a pedi with me haha