Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bridal Veil

We took a quick trip to Bridal Veil Falls today. Our outdoor baby had a wonderful time. So did we. Beautiful HOT weather.
The man soaking his feet a few people away from us told us that we had a beautiful baby. I agreed and made a mental note to give strangers compliments more often.

I was kicking myself for not listening to the voice in my head that said 'put her in her swimsuit'.
She was trying to get in the water and trying to sit down in that little puddle (that weirdly looks like just rocks. it actually had water in it fyi).
We will definitely be back very soon in suits.


Laura O'Hearon said...

Taryn, of course you have a beautiful baby! She has to be with such good looking parents! duuuuh :)

Tyler + Zahara said...

We were totally there today too! We actually hiked up to the falls which was so cool looking. Sad I didn't bring my camera. You guys look so cute in your photos! I love how cute Liv's feet are!!

Carrie said...

did you hike up in sandals? or can you get to the falls without hiking? just wondering because, thinking about our trip up last week, i wouldn't have wanted to do it in sandals.

cute pics!

Carrie said...

ha ha, never mind. i was totally thinking you went to stewart falls and i was like, WHAT!? how did she hike up in sandals and a skirt? wrong hike, i get it now.

Anonymous said...

I love her cute little pointy finger in the first picture! I can tell in all the pictures that she is trying to literally jump out of your hands and into the water! She looks so CUTE! It's nice that you all think of so many special and fun things to do on your days together!

taryn said...

haha thanks laura!

Z- we saw some people hiking up, maybe it was you!

Care- yeah we just drove up and walked over because B had to go to work afterwards.

Mom- you are exactly right, she was leaning and trying to squirm out of my arms!

mandy harline said...

very fun! i think it's cute that she loves being outside. all of my girls love the outdoors, but so many of my friend's kids and nephews/nieces don't. i love bridal veil - bruce and i would take walks up there every sunday after church when we lived in provo :) soak up some sun for us because it's FREEZING here!