Friday, July 16, 2010

10 months

  • tries to drink out of a cup (tries is the key word there)
  • shakes her head when she's feeling good
  • bounces to music
  • takes steps
  • likes to be messy and hates getting her face wiped after eating
  • also hates getting her diaper changed and will flip over and crawl away faster than you can blink
  • very attached to mommy and daddy, but warms up to people pretty quickly
  • gets compliments on her big blue eyes everywhere she goes, and i love it
  • loves to play patty cake (well really just the 'baby and me' part of the game). she laughs and then grabs my hands to do it again
  • pats her head, my leg, or her mouth. its just so cute to see that chubby hand patting everything
  • can get out of her bumbo all by herself
  • likes to pull mommy's hair :(
  • loves to stick her finger up anyone's nose.....or in their mouth....or sometimes both


Anonymous said... she really ours? What a special little lady she is. I love her and can't wait to hug her in a week or so.
Take care and I will see you soon.
Love, Debi/mom/grandma :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these sweet updates!! She is growing so fast and I love hearing about all she's accomplishing! What a big girl! We are counting the weeks until we get to see you all again!
love you tons, mom

Dustin and Whit said...

i hate it when they flip all over when your trying to change their diaper! Halle went through a very long phase of that, but luckily is starting to do better- as if changing diapers isn't fun enough!