Friday, July 9, 2010


If you hadn't noticed from previous posts, Liv basically wants to eat WHATEVER we are eating. She doesn't seem to care that she has no teeth.

Brady really had no idea that she was leaning over trying to eat his hot dog

Food coma

I was worried to start letting her 'chew' real food since she doesn't have teeth, but if you can't tell from the pic below, she just spits stuff out if she can't get it small enough.

Of course I always keep a close eye on her when she's eating 'real' food, but I think she mostly likes the feel of biting on her gums.


Anonymous said...

What a doll! She looks like the perfect advertisement for summer - fruit everywhere! She wears it well! I can't believe she eats it all with no teeth! I love the watermelon all over her shirt and the picture of just laying back, stuffed and content

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...I laughed and laughed and laughed! What a beautiful little mess she is. She is such an amazing little joy in all of our lives.

Thank you for sharing your precious little moments with us. They keep us sane and not quite so lonely for u all.

Love, Grandma Debi :)

mandy harline said...

oh, i love it! i also love that she walking! how fun!! so much fun to watch your children grow and learn. miss ava isn't even crawling yet and is only 2 weeks younger than olivia. although, all of my kids have been late crawlers and fact, grace didn't walk until she was 15 months and haylee didn't walk until 19 months!! so, i'm afraid at this rate ava might not walk til she's 5 years old :) are my girls just lazy??? maybe..., but they always get around to it :)

Sarah said...

cutie bean! I think I see a little more Tare bear in that girl than I did before! I still can't say what it is though...maybe her eyes?

Leandra said...

My favorite pic is the food coma one. that's what I want to do after I eat too- just pass out somewhere :)

Carrie said...

she was so cute at your b-b-q. just as happy as can be with her watermelon and stealing glances at everyone else's food (and sneaking bites of daddy's hot dog when he wasn't paying attention).

AmyJ said...

Oh my gosh, she's so cute! Coop didn't get his first tooth 'til he was 11 months old! They get so sick of baby food by then. Good job letting her experience REAL food! She's such a cute little messy girl! :)

caroline said...

love this series of pictures!! the food coma picture is my favorite!!
Lily just cut her first tooth 2 weeks ago but like Liv love to gum on anything she can get her hands on (edible or not)
I can't believe she's walking already!!! go Livy!!!