Thursday, July 8, 2010

look who's walking

This little tiny baby took her first steps today! I was bursting with pride and also shedding a tear or two because I don't want her to ever get any bigger. I don't think my hormones have ever returned to normal after being pregnant.

B's face says it all! And could my voice be any more annoying? I say the same thing in every video. I am going to make a serious effort to never say anything again while filming for the rest of my life.

Yes, the house is a mess and my baby is naked. If you were wondering, I basically let her destroy the house during the day and do my best to clean it all up after she goes to bed, so that she can have a fresh canvas for the next day. Also she had just gotten out of the bath which is why she is wearing no clothes.

Sidenote: After the bath she was flipping over, crawling to the couch, standing up, and walking away (while holding onto the couch) from me while I'm frantically rubbing lotion on her. Then she peed on the floor. And laughed. I actually laughed too. It was hilarious.

She was such a busy bee tonight and kept taking one step and falling. I was happy when B came home during his break from work because I wanted to show him how she was taking steps. I grabbed the camera and she took 4 steps! So happy I was able to catch it on film.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - it happened!! How can Baby O be walking already? She is so cute and seemed quit none plused by the whole thing - just normal for her! She is so adorable and what a lucky little girl to get a fresh blank canvas everyday - what a great way for her be creative and enjoy life!
Big girl Olivia!
WE are so proud and love you!
~grammy and grampy

Anonymous said...

Finally...I have been checking and checking for this video to be up. (Since I know you 2 have nothing going on ;) )
Whooohooo....what a big girl our little Miss O is!!! She wasn't even phased by it. Just looked like she had done it a million times already.
I love your sweet momma voice Taryn, don't change a thing. Brady, what a surprised and proud papa you are.
Don't worry about anyone judging houses and diapers...just wish them babies and school and work if they don't understand ;)

Love you all!
G & G & G Oregon

Sarah said...

That's ridiculous! That little stinker...tell her to slow down! Your voice doesn't sound annoying at all.

ps Jack saw Brady in the background and now he wants to go to Brady's house. Maybe we'll see you sometime soon!

Carrie said...

yea!! good job, livy loo! what a cute video. i loved brady's face and your voice. it captures the proud moment.

Kris and Megan said...

So exciting! That was such a fun phase for us too. And you are not alone with the messy house! I just quit trying to clean it up constantly, and as soon as Landon goes to bed we call ourselves "the cleaning fairies" and put everything back so he can go at it again in the morning. and the naked but a diaper thing- we do the same thing! you are not alone, i wasn't even thinking about judging you guys! haha. cute video!!!

Kris and Megan said...

oh, AND the annoying voice thing... I think you notice it on yourself more than others notice- I remember being the same way with Landon and then swearing I'd never talk again in a video!! But I didn't even notice in yours! haha

Leanne said...

I can't believe she is walking already! Such a cute video.

AmyJ said...

That's awesome that you got her first steps on video!!! That'll be the best thing ever when she gets bigger! They're cute little first steps! I agree, I love yours and Brady's voices and excitement on the video! Precious!!