Thursday, July 15, 2010


When I think of summertime as a child, I also think of Jellies! I loved my Jellies.

I purchased these jelly shoes for Little Liv a few days ago, and I am dying to get them on her!

Hurry up mail!

on sale at


Carrie said...

i know i love little jelly shoes on little girls. so cute!

Anonymous said...

Those will be so cute on those cute little feet! We, of course, will want a picture when she has them on!

Debi said...

she will look precious!
Love, Grandma D :)

Leandra said...

that's a killer deal and they are so cute! I totally remember my jellies from when I was little too.

the hansen's said...

Nice.. I remember when my summer wasn't complete until I ran around rubbing the heck out of my skin with jellies ;) Those are going to be so cute on Miss Liv

Laura O'Hearon said...

Jellies are pretty much the coolest. I would probably still wear them if I could

1. find some that fit me
2. they didn't give me mad blisters

Your the coolest Mom Taryn. By a long shot!