Monday, July 5, 2010

let freedom ring

We started our celebration with the Willits and a bbq.
The food was delicious! Thanks for having us!

These mini hamburgers were delish. The perfect size!

Then we headed over to The Stadium of Fire! We had no idea how Liv would handle the noise, but we were prepared to leave early if we needed to.

Carrie Underwood singing the National Anthem

There were some small fireworks that had loud booms and Liv started crying a little. I bounced and cuddled her and she was fine. Then, right when Carrie finished the national anthem, these fighter jets flew over the stadium. They were awesome and REALLY loud!

and Liv didn't mind them one bit!
She was tired if you can't tell from her eyes. She pretty much sat quietly on my lap, in awe of all that was going on.

A short video of what Liv thought of it all...

More Carrie.
I loved when she sang 'How great thou art' at the end of 'Jesus take the wheel'.

After the first hour of being quietly in awe, Liv started to really enjoy everything. She was waving her arms, clapping, laughing, and her newest trick- shaking her head to the music.

We were so proud of her! The couples behind and next to us gave us compliments and told us we had the best baby ever. They said how lucky we were that she was so good. Yeeaaah, she's like this ALL the time...... wink wink. We were so happy that she enjoyed the show and literally didn't let out another peep after that first little cry {well besides laughing}. I couldn't believe that she was okay with just sitting on my lap the WHOLE time.

A small taste of the fireworks from the show...

We LOVED it!
We were very grateful that we were able to see the whole show and not have to leave early.
It's always such a treat to get out as a family, and the fireworks were amazing! It was a precious and rare occurrence that I got to spend rocking and cuddling with both my babies for an entire 2.5 hrs :)
This was a great way to celebrate our wonderful country!


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a night! I'm soooo excited that you got tickets and that Liv loved the the show as much as you guys did and was so good! What a fun evening and great way to end such a perfect day of celebrating our joy and blessing of living in America! (loved the BBQ with the Willtes, it made me hungry to see all the food!)

Carrie said...

how nice that livy enjoyed it! that makes it so much easier for you to have a good time. that looked like fun! we're excited to come over today. the boys really need to get out. they're having an EXTREMELY difficult morning.

Dustin and Whit said...

that is so nice that liv was so good! I have never been to the stadium of fire, but have always wanted to! What a great way to celebrate the 4th!

danielle said...

how fun! i love carrie i bet she was awesome live! i am glad that liv loved it too! what a cute little family!

Kristi said...

What a perfect night! Looks like a super fun time. Love the little family picture.

Brittney said...

How fun! I wanted to go to the Stadium of Fire so bad ... love Carrie Underwood. So we'll probably be moving to either Flower Mound or Coppell in TX ... is that close to where your family lives? That would be fun to meet up when you come visit or maybe live by each other if you end up moving there!

Sarah said...

How awesome! That looks like so much fun! That's nice too that Livy cooperated.