Saturday, July 31, 2010


As I mentioned, baby O got her first tooth! On the morning of the 24th, I was letting her try to drink some water from my glass cup, and she starting biting it. I heard a little 'tink tink'. I was so surprised to feel a sharp little tooth when I stuck my finger in her mouth.

Since then, that one little guy (left mandibular central incisor for my dental hygiene friends) has been giving her some grief.

Luckily, its nothing a popsicle can't fix!


AmyJ said...

Poor beebee!! Those teeth are rough business! I love that you put the proper name for it in the post!! Thank goodness for popsicles! AND I love the photo in your other post of her little sandals! Babies are funny :)

Carrie said...

sorry i haven't been commenting. our internet hasn't been working ( so annoying) so i haven't been able to check my blogs. livy's hair is getting so long! and i can't believe she has a tooth! such a big girl.

taste of the valley looked yummy. and that water balloon fight? so fun! i like that byu/ old spice video too. i wanted to put it on my blog (but the internet. . . .)

we need to do something together. i feel like i haven't seen you guys in forever. it's probably only been a week but it feels like way too long. love you sis!

taryn said...

Carrie, I feel the same way! We should get babysitters soon and actually do something fun with husbands!