Monday, August 9, 2010

she always gets back up

Our girl is a tough one. She always gets back up when she falls. Just in her own baby world:

I think she's the cutest thing ever, and she LOVES walking. She's gets better at it everyday.

I love her.

ps. the hair was kind of a joke, although, of course i love it. and if you're wondering about the spot on her cute head click here.


brook said...

um, i also think she is probably the cutest thing i've ever laid eyes on......especially when she's giggling and running away from you. or walking. what a happy little babe!

you guys are the cutest parents.
and also, love her hair :)

Laura Beth said...

I wish my sound was working so I could watch this. Liv is definately one of the cutest babies ever. I can't wait to meet her NEXT summer... bummer about that but she'll probably be even cuter by then. Feel free to give her a sibling to play with too. You guys make cute kids! just sayin :)

Anonymous said...

What a DOLL! I love watching her stand, fall, get up, take steps, fall, and do it over and over! She is determined and getting really good! I watch this many times and it makes me smile every time! I LOVE sweet Olivia!