Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yellowstone: 8.16.10

The day after we arrived at our pretty cabin, we drove into Yellowstone to see some of the hot pots, natural geysers, and bacteria pools. And now here are endless photos of our day.

I loved all the colors! I've never seen bacteria as pretty/cool as this.

We ran across some grazing Elk

That cute thing loves her cute daddy.

This geyser just happened to be erupting while we were there. It was really cool to see.

As usual, Livy was her darling self and charmed all that passed. She would wave at everyone as we passed, but only Asians would wave back, which I thought was really sweet. I found it endearing that several people wanted to take her picture. One guy even tried to do so without me knowing as he slyly walked by; however, he had an SLR camera and I could absolutely hear the click of the shutter as he aimed that camera directly at her and clicked. It was funny, and I loved the attention she was getting with her floppy hat.

In the photo below you can see the water starting to bubble. I thought it was fascinating to think that this steam and heat was escaping from deep inside the earth. I'm a nerd.

As we were driving from one set of pools and geysers to the next, this buffalo crossed the street literally right in front of our truck. We got a pretty cool video of it and Brady, his dad, and Haylee jumped out of the car to get some photos. They got a lot closer than this (as you can see in the photo two posts down).

Liv and Grandpa Hansen

Here's trusty Old Faithful:

I just thought this tree was cool. Apparently Liv didn't agree.

So awesome looking.

Later that night, we put Olivia in the hot tub with Haylee in just her regular diaper (we have a cute video of that too). Her diaper was HUGE afterward. Obviously the diaper would absorb as much water as it possibly could, it was just hilarious to us to see. BTW- not pee all down my shirt and shorts, obviously water from my water baby.


mandy harline said...

Love it! We went to Yellowstone a 3 years ago for Bruce's family reunion and we LOVED it! We want to go back as soon as we move back to America. We actually witnessed a baby moose being born...probably across that same river you were at. It was incredible. I'm was a big time nerd while we were there... "Wow! The earth's core is amazing!", "Don't you think the bacteria is fascinating?!"...

whitney said...

always, wanted to go there. beautiful shots, that first one kinda makes me dizzy... haha

AmyJ said...

Hey, we went there this summer too! It's pretty fun! Gettin' back to nature and all that :) Love all your photos!!

Liv is getting SO big! I can't believe she's almost 1!!! What a doll!

PS that pic of you and wet little Liv is SOO cute!! I love how you're laughing!! :)

Kendra said...

Love the pictures, they're amazing! Also, hilarious about the super wet diaper. And how did she like the hot tub?

the hansen's said...

What an awesome trip :) So glad you guys had so much fun! I love this last picture of you Tare- it's so cute! And there's a family pic of you three with Brady smiling with his teeth.. He looks good! Love you three!