Monday, August 30, 2010

Yellowstone 8.17.10 {our 3 year anniversary}

{My handpicked bouquet of wildflowers from B}
Brady was so cute. He just completely surprised me right before dinner and said come with me really quick and grabbed my hand. He kissed my cheek and walked me toward the street. I was kind of confused because we were about to sit down to dinner, and I kept saying 'we can't go on a walk right now, we're about to eat'. He just kept walking, and finally I saw this handpicked bouquet tied to a tree.


The day started perfectly = we got to sleep in while the grandparents took Livy for the morning!
She loved this massage chair, especially because she figured out how to press the buttons to make it start. She LOVES buttons.

By this day she was in love with the doggies!

This was a homemade dollhouse that was in the cabin. She loved it too! She just climbed right in and enjoyed herself. This photo cracks me up.

We had a cabin day and just relaxed, played air hockey and foosball, drove out to the lake, played ladder ball, and enjoyed the company.

Debi picked a wildflower bouquet too, Haylee made us some cute 'Happy Anniversary' signs, and Pat grilled up some delish chicken! Debi was so cute and insisted that we do not help clean or lift a finger since it was our anniversary.

So we decided to go on a little walk, just the two of us.
We found these giant milkweeds and made a few secret wishes for our next year together...

And we ended the night with a campfire and s'mores under the stars.
Sweet and simple and pretty much perfect.

I am so thankful for these three years that I've spent with Brady.
I'm thankful for his love and support.
Thankful for his even temper.
Thankful that he made me a mother.
Thankful for his happy smiling face always.
Thankful for his willingness to look past my shortcomings.
Thankful for what a loving father he is, and how tender he is with his little girl.
Thankful for the good, hard working man that he is.
Thankful that we found each other.
Thankful for our journey together.


Miranda said...

Happy Anniversary Taryn! It's so great to see how happy you are!

Mrs. Ham said...

i've never been to yellowstone- after these pics i need to go! NOW- oh can't wait to see you soon!