Thursday, September 2, 2010

{Happy b-day Jeff}

Warning: This is a long post!
I know, I know- ALL my posts are way too long to be interesting to anyone....
....but this one is even longer.
It was Jeffy's birthday so we packed a lot in!
I can't believe my little brother is already 22!? Sometimes I still think I'm 23.

Grammy gave Liv this CUTE sunhat! She was all ready to come out to the farmer's market with us, but then Grammy offered to put her down for a nap and stay with her at the resort, so we decided it would be better to keep her on her schedule.
Free gondola rides on farmer's market days!
Okay, this Mint Limeade is to die for. Seriously!
We were trying to decide if we should get this mint limeade, or strawberry limeade from another place. Brady really thought we would like the strawberry better, but I really wanted that mint one, so he got strawberry and I got mint. Let's just say I picked the right one.
We tried samples of these peaches and they were so tasty. Very sweet.
pulled pork sandwich (and the yummier limeade) for me and ribs for him
...and here is proof that B drank all my limeade because it was the best.
None of us were too sure about the frozen banana. We got it solely because of Arrested Development. Griffy loved it though.

After the market, we headed over to Olympic Park to watch the ski jumpers.
Pretty cool stuff

We didn't end up doing the alpine slide or zip line. Instead we went back to Main for some din.
Yummy pizza at Red Banjo

Uncle Brett playing airplane with the kiddies.
Happy b-day Jeff!


Kendra said...

Please, that wasn't long. There were just a lot of pictures. And you really made me want a mint limeade.

Dave and Jessica said...

Looks like you have been having a fun break! I am jealous of all your little vacays! PS--I love your hair red! Please don't change least not until after school starts. I think it looks really good on you, and definitely a color I would do if I could pull it off! See ya soon!

mandy harline said...

So fun!! Ahh, I love Park City and I miss it. I loved all of the pictures - and you really made me want a mint limeade, too!! Yum. How are Brady's applications coming along? I like your post about this time last year...crazy how much can change in only a year. Will Brady apply to any med schools in Texas? Maybe Houston? I think he should so you guys can live there with us :) We will be moving back this coming March.

Sarah said...

I'm glad somebody took pictures! I only have one of Addie and Livy (not looking at the camera) in their matching shirts. I miss PC already!

Carrie said...

ah! that was fun. love all of the pictures. i wish i could update MY blog too, but i'll just live through you for now. i just read through all of your other posts that i hadn't gotten to read because of my internet issues. love all of the yellowstone pics. so pretty! and happy anniversary! looks like it was a fun one!

Tyler + Zahara said...

I love park city! Look's like you all had fun. Liv is getting cutier and cutier everytime I see her pictures ha!

kjirsten said...

Thanks for sharing . . . what a fun trip. I commented a couple posts down, because I just got carried away, enjoying the update, and didn't realize that they were three different posts! I'm so glad you guys got to spend some fun time, all together with Mom and Dad. They always make everything so special. Mike's family and my family sure wish we could have joined you . . . maybe (hopefully) next time. Love you. (LOVE all the pictures . . . such a treat!)

Anonymous said...

YAY Jeff! It was really a busy fun filled day! I loved it all! What a special time to all be together! I was worried about the cake, but I found it to be pretty yummy! Next time instead of a partial family reunion, it WILL include the whole family! We missed you tons Grants and Asays and said to each other everyday! We looked forward to the vacation we can all do together!
love you all,