Thursday, September 2, 2010


I took a dip in the pool almost everyday. It was nice to have a pool so close to me for once, and VERY nice to have family to listen for Liv while she was napping so I could take a dip/lay out.

Who knows which day is which?
This is a montage of photos from various times and days.
It was cold in the mornings and lucky for us there were 2 nice hot tubs.
Not to mention the pool is heated, but sometimes you just want to be hot.
Whenever we ask Olivia how big she is, she raises her arms in the air like this:
Griff and Jack splashing
Colson can swim all by himself now!


Deanna said...

where did you get your swimmingsuit??? It's so cute! It looks like you guys had such a fun trip!

Laura Beth said...

yeah.. i'm wondering the saaaame thing!

taryn said...

Are you ready for this? Its from target online! Get one-it really is a good price for a suit considering the one that I originally had my eye on was $150.

It's a Merona suit for $34.99.

Anonymous said...

Swimming is sooooo fun! I loved watching everyone in the pool and even getting to join them a little! It is so relaxing and EVERYONE has a good time! Great pictures!